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When Should You Take a Fat Burner?

When Should You Take a Fat Burner?

Everyone is anxious to get results now.  There are many parts to a weight loss program and the more you take advantage of, the faster you will most likely get to your end goal.  


Most people want to just take a magic pill to lose weight.  Unfortunately there is no such thing as a magic pill but there are some that help!  

There are a variety of fat burners on the market and many include a variety of ingredients to help in various parts of the weight loss process.  

Fat burners typically have ingredients to help suppress your appetite, meaning you unknowingly eat less. If you eat less calories you will lose weight! 

Fat burners also typically include a variety of stimulants.  Stimulates help cause physiological changes in your body which cause an increase in our metabolic rate.  These changes may or may not be noticeable depending on how sensitive your body is to the stimulant.  But you may feel an increase in heart rate, feel warm or even hot and sweaty, or have an increased blood pressure. All of these changes are causing your body to work more, increasing your metabolic rate, meaning you are burning more calories. 

So you are eating less due to appetite suppression, plus burning more calories, meaning you will most likely lose weight as long as you are not eating more calories than you are burning.

That is the catch.  Fat burners help put you in a deep calorie deficit to make sure you lose weight but you still have to put in the work! The fat burner just makes it so that you do not feel as hungry and you burn a few more calories than you would without it.

So when is it best to take a fat burner?  When you are on a calorie restriction and only then!

If you try taking a fat burner to help you burn calories you overate, it can actually hurt you depending on the ingredients.

Most fat burners should be taken in a fasted state, meaning before you eat anything in the morning. This will help your body make use of the fat burning state it is already in and the increase in your metabolic rate will be more effective. 

Some fat burners when taken with too many carbs can actually promote fat storage! The opposite of what you want.  So making sure you are in a Calorie Deficit to help you lose weight will help prevent this. 

If you are overly sensitive to fat burners it is always best to take it with a small snack that is primarily protein and fat, such as eggs.  This will still make sure you are repping the benefits of the fat burner! But you will not feel the potential jitters as much.

Check out SHREDZ Burner and Burner Max if you are looking for a clinically studied fat burner to help you on your weightloss journey.

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