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Healthy & Fun Valentines Day Date Ideas!

Healthy & Fun Valentines Day Date Ideas!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  With that comes chocolate, cakes, pastries, wine, and date night with your significant other and even friends and family.  Now balance is key in life especially when it comes to holiday’s, but for a holiday like Valentine's day there are plenty of fun and healthy date ideas to try!  Below we give you 14 different ideas!

Take a Cooking or Baking Class

This can be fun for couples, friends and family.  You can learn to make something healthy and enjoy it together.

Go for a Spa Day

Sit back and relax!  Enjoy each other's company and simply reset.  A healthy and relaxing experience.

Workout together

In the gym or take a class!  This can be fun as you help each other out and then even plan a fun post workout meal!

Go to a Jazz club

Sit back and listen to some music.  Cuddle up close, order some healthy appetizer options and maybe dance a little!

Go for a bike ride

Enjoy the outdoors together!  Maybe pack a picnic and just take in the fresh air!

Go to an Arcade

Reminisce in your childhood games, get competitive, be silly and have fun.

Play Laser Tag

Team up or go against each other.  Either way, a little competitive nature can bring you closer!

Go Mini Golfing

Mini golfing is usually themed, making it more fun!  It may be indoors or outdoors, either way you are active and having fun!

Go Snow Tubing

Maybe you are somewhere cold! So go snow tubing and cuddle up with a nice warm cup of coffee or tea after!

Go Ice Skating or Rollerblading

Even if you fall on your butt, you have to admit this is always fun and romantic!

Take a dance class

There’s nothing more romantic than getting close and swaying to some music!

Go Rock Climbing

Learn to belay each other and really trust each other while rock climbing!

Go to a Comedy Show

Let the endorphins roll with a good comedy show. The perfect way to smile and bond!

Go for a Hike

Enjoy the outdoors together!  Maybe pack a picnic and just take in the fresh air!

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