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Flatter Stomach for Memorial Day!

Flatter Stomach for Memorial Day!

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer for so many people in the US!  So how can you get a flatter and more tone tummy in just 4 weeks or less?

You do not want to crash diet because then you risk rebounding and gaining more in just a few weekends of BBQ and boardwalk eats can set you back even farther!  

Here are 6 healthy habits to help you look leaner, toner, and healthier by Memorial day

Drink a gallon of water a day

This will help keep your GI track moving, preventing bloating, and even help control unwanted cravings.

Stay away from the processed foods

Avoid high sodium or any ingredients that may cause you bloating or slow down your digestion.  Not everyone has to avoid things, like dairy, gluten, etc, but processed foods, fast foods, frozen foods can have other extra filler ingredients which may cause you to feel bloated, distended, like you have a brick in your stomach, but you will never know until you limit or exclude these foods.

Eat some extra veggies

This will help fill you up, so you unknowingly cut calories allowing you to lose weight.  Veggies also have fiber to help you stay regular!

Take Detox Greens Daily

Detox, cleanse, help regular your body from the inside out with our Daily Greens to ensure you are functioning at your best!

Go for walk daily! Bonus points if you cardio and weight training!

Keep things moving! It does not have to be much, but burning a few extra calories will help. Daily movement will help flush out water and have you feeling refreshed. Do not become a cardio bunny or go crazy lifting for 3 hours if that is not something you are use to and can not maintain.  Choose an amount of activity that you can be consistent with.

Get enough sleep

Sleep will help manage your hormones, metabolism, and recovery so that you look refreshed and rested, this includes your muscles!  Getting enough sleep even ensures you will get less cravings because your body will not be searching for energy!

This may not seem like much but simple healthy DAILY habits are what allow your body to function at its best.  These small habits will have you unknowingly creating a calorie deficit to help you lose a bit of weight, tone up, and have energy to enjoy your summer!

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