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Collagen! - How Much do you really need?

Collagen! - How Much do you really need?

Collagen… you want to take it but have no idea how much you need or what it will do.

Collagen is even easier to add to food and drinks than whey protein! Our new Collagen Max tastes like Milk Chocolate so that makes it even easier! But how much should you use?

Most individuals see results within a few weeks of taking Collagen.  The key is to take it daily and for most individuals and most goals 10-20 grams is an appropriate amount.

Collagen can be consumed by drinking high quality bone broth and the tendons and fattier pieces of chicken, fish and eggs. So though you can get it through food, it can be hard, or even high calorie, which is why Collagen supplements are helpful to get enough daily.

Collagen is one of the most important proteins in the body because it makes up our skin, bone, teeth, tendons, ligaments, organs, cartilages, muscle, blood vessels, gut lining and more. 

So how much do you need?

For general overall health research shows 2.5 to 15 grams of collagen per day to be a safe dose.

The Collagen Max contains 10 grams collagen peptides, falling perfectly in that range for those trying to lose weight and have high collagen needs, adults older than 20 as collagen production can start to decrease at that age, those with any of the goals listed below!

Collagen has been shown to help with skin hydration, elasticity, wound healing, hair and nail health, and even bone loss and osteoarthritis.

Amount of Collagen needed depending on your goals!

  • Pain relief from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or a similar condition 
    • Studies have found that 8 to 12 grams per day can provide improved plasma collagen levels and symptom relief.
  • Gut health!
    • Research has not yet given a specific amount, but a general recommendation of a dose on the higher end could affect gut microbiome and short chain fatty acid metabolism, then aiding the digestive tract overall!
  • Muscle Mass production
    • 15 grams per day has been shown to be a good target to help grow and recover from your workouts to improve body composition.  Studies have shown this dosage to help build muscle, lose fat, and increase strength!  Not to mention this will help your joints while you continue to train!

Check out our new Collagen Max here if you want to give yourself that extra boost of health that honestly we all need! 

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