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BCAA's for Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, Intermittent Fasting, or just the Under-eater!

BCAA's for Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, Intermittent Fasting, or just the Under-eater!

BCAAs are one of the most popular sports supplements, yet there continues to be confusion on who should use them.

BCAA are Branched Chain Amino Acids.  These BCAAs are essential for muscle recovery and the body can not make them, meaning we need to eat them! Individuals who are not in a calorie deficit and eat a healthy and well-balanced diet typically get plenty of BCAAs in their regular diet.  

But what about… EVERYONE know the majority of the population trying to lose weight while keeping the highest metabolism they can, or those just trying to be healthier by following a vegan, vegetarian, keto, or intermittent fasting diet.

If you are in a calorie deficit, there is a chance you are not eating enough protein. Meaning your body does not have the resources it needs to recover it's muscle.  Your body will prioritize the muscle of your organs, heart, lunges, brain, etc.  Causing you to potentially lose more skeletal muscle, such as your quads, biceps, glutes and so on, instead of burning body fat!

If you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet you are limiting the sources of complete protein in your diet which provide these BCAAs.  Again risking muscle loss.  Muscle loss leads to a slower metabolism and worse even long term hormonal imbalances.

Those following a Keto diet, literally can only eat some much protein, if not their body is kicked out of keto! So here you are on a fat burning and anti-inflammatory diet, but if you do not get an adequate amount of amino acids for recovery and function your body again will break down muscle over fat because it lacks the needed resources!

Alright what about intermittent fasting?  Well this is great, but if you are in a calorie deficit and following intermittent fasting, you are starving your body for hours!  Sure there may be some benefits, but if your gains mean anything to you, you may want to consider supplementing with BCAA during those fasting hours to help negate any muscle loss! 

Taking BCAAs in any of these situations is VERY important. It will help with recovery from training, save your muscle and help signal your body to burn fat, prevent soreness, and even potentially help your immune system if you are in a calorie deficit.

If you think BCAA are a must in your health regimen, you can check them out here!

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