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5 Musts to Build a Booty!

5 Musts to Build a Booty!

5 Things you must do to build a booty

1 Lift Weights!

Ladies, do not be afraid of weight lifting.  It will help create the tone and shapely curves you want!  If you want to build your glutes, aka your booty muscles, you need to be lifting weights mostly in the rep ranges of 6-12, not 20, 30, plus reps. The last 1-3 reps of each set should be challenging to help promote change in the glutes, aka get them to grow and get stronger!

2 Be Consistent with your training

Changing up your exercises every week is not the best idea when you are trying to build muscle.  If you are always changing the exercises then you do not know if you are improving. You can not improve the form or progress in reps or weights, and progression is one of the best ways to tell if the exercises are working.

3 Progressive Overload

Speaking of progression, the primary way of progressing in the gym is called progressive overload.  Every week you should be picking an exercise each day of your training to try doing an extra rep or two with the same weight as last week. Or maybe you can increase the weight, even if you do not do as many reps.  Maybe you use the same weight and reps but you slow down the tempo to perfect your form. There are many ways to progressively overload, but these are the primary ways.

4 Eat enough protein and calories

Ladies, you can not be skimping out on your meals. You need to eat enough protein at least in 3 meals a day.  If you have a significant amount of weight you need to lose so you are lifting and trying to be in a slight caloric deficit, then you should be eating even slightly higher protein and making sure to have a good pre or post workout meal, or both depending if your calorie needs allow.  If you are not eating enough protein then your body will not have the materials needed to build and repair your muscles after your workout, and you training will have essentially just been losing muscle and wasting energy.  So make sure to eat proper meals and give your body the nutrition it needs to reach your goals!

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